Slugcat spearing a blue lizard. Vulture grub spawning a vulture. Black anthro cat sticks tongue out.

My Tools

Here are some tools and small demonstrations I have made in the past.

Map Planner

This is a graph storage format intended to assist with developing games with a large number of areas. (As my games tend to have) A small CLI to interact with the format may be found here .

Virtual To-Do List

This is a minimalist tool made for a friend. It allows you to create "tasks" which you can then click on to mark them as "complete."
It remembers your tasks, and will automatically un-complete them daily for you. It may be found here , however if you plan on seriously using it for organization, I would just bookmark it.


These tools are made specifically for use by Minecraft and/or DiamondFire . Any "Recode" buttons will automatically send relevant items or information to the client using the Minecraft Recode mod.

Minecraft Lore Image Generator

This tool generates a Minecraft command to give an item with an image as its lore. It may be found here .

Minecraft Skin Icon Generator

This tool generates a front-facing icon from your skin's texture file. This may be used for icons, profile pictures, etc. It may be found here .

DiamondFire Template Encoder/Decoder

This tool encodes or decodes code templates from DiamondFire. It may be found here .

DiamondFire Object Notation

This is technically one of my languages, however it's relevant for this section. DFON is very similar to JSON in syntax. It is intended to be a way for DiamondFire plots to easily represent and compile constant data. The documentation and compiler may be found here .